After watching four cross-country ski races this weekend at the Swedish Ski Games, today I went to keep Lenka company and cheer Dima on as he skied the half Vasaloppet. If we’re still in Sweden next winter I’ll get myself some skis. I used to have some, but had to get rid of them during one of my many moves.

I’m happy to report that the weather has become wintry again after looking dangerously spring-like for several days, so I can put off tidying up the patio area in front of our apartment for awhile longer.

Some pictures from the Ski Games:

Me, Elena, and Andreas in our groovy orange jackets.

As the only American among the volunteers, I got to carry the American flag at opening ceremonies. This is one of those Patriotic Things I Wouldn’t Do At Home, like the time I was forced to sing The Star-Spangled Banner in its entirety at a party in Russia.

Me and Kostia with an owl, the symbol of Falun. I aspire to be an owl at next year’s Ski Games.

Oh right, and there was some skiing too.

And a photo from today’s half-Vasaloppet, a decidedly more democratic event:

Just some random skiers, not Dima – my photos of him came out blurry. Note the very Swedish cabins in the background.