Because I worked on the Nader 2000 campaign, I’ve received some e-mails from friends and family asking me what I think about Ralph Nader’s recent announcement that he’s running for president again.

I have nothing but respect for Ralph. I don’t regret the 2000 campaign, even with 20/20 hindsight. We had a chance to propel the Green Party to major party status by getting 5% of the vote. We didn’t make it, but we tried.

Ralph is right on all the issues. He’s the only candidate I’ve ever voted for with a completely clear conscience.

I disagree with anyone who says he shouldn’t run. I wholeheartedly agree with Ralph that in a democracy it is anybody’s right to run for president and everybody’s right to vote for the candidate who best supports their views. I agree with Ralph that someone needs to put on the table the issues that the Democrats are avoiding.

I just don’t think anything is going to come of this campaign. He got 3% of the vote in 2000, even less in 2004. As in 2004, he’s running as an independent, which means he’s not helping to build an alternative party. I think this is his biggest mistake. We know he’s not going to win, but there would be some purpose to his campaign if he were working with a progressive party.

So, I can’t say I have a stance. I’m still supporting Obama. But I still believe in Ralph.

I watched “An Unreasonable Man” again the other day. At the end I got weepy. I wish we lived in a world where Ralph Nader could be elected president of the US.