Between 1995 and 2002 I injured my ankles approximately twelve thousand times, mostly jogging and playing ultimate frisbee. But it’s been six years since my last sprain or stress fracture, and I sort of forgot that my ankles are a big problem. So when Lenka and Dima invited me to their orienteering club’s circuit training on Wednesday, I didn’t think about wearing an ankle brace or not jumping over hurdles, I just thought it would be good for me to do something sporty, since I’ve been supremely lazy of late.

I made a great impression on the orienteering folks by landing on my foot sideways and spectacularly spraining my ankle within the first 20 minutes. Now that I think about it, although I like running and I like maps, orienteering isn’t the sport for me, what with all that running in the forest. Uneven terrain is designed for spraining ankles.

At least I wasn’t far from home and there were people around to give me a ride, unlike the time I was on a business trip and twisted my ankle jogging in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I had to take a taxi to the hospital then.
I didn’t go to the hospital this time; I remember the old routine: ice, compression bandage, ibuprofen, rest. I can get away without crutches since it’s school vacation (known as Winter Sports Break, oh, the irony) in Sweden this week, and I don’t have to go anywhere until Monday.

I’m getting a lot of reading done now.