Those of you who know me from Chicago, Ann Arbor, or Washington will be shocked to know that I’ve been bicycle-less for the past three and a half years. In St. Petersburg it’s too dangerous to ride in traffic because the drivers are insane, and the weather is bad a lot of the time. When we were here in Falun last year we just never got around to getting bikes. But the truth is, I hate walking. It’s so slow and boring! So, my quality of life just got about 20 times better. I just bought a really nice used bike at a really fair price that has everything I want and need for urban transport and nothing I don’t: chunky tires, fenders, 7 gears, a rack on the back, and a bell.

The guy who sold it to me was rather taciturn. From the ad itself to our transaction, he used as few words as possible. He seemed rather unexcited about selling it. Maybe it belonged to his daughter and she died or something. One could write a short story based on this idea.