Kostia and I went to Copenhagen for the weekend. My cousin Maureen is doing an internship there this year. I’d been to Copenhagen a couple times before, but it was Kostia’s first time in Denmark. We did a lot of walking, saw Kate Nash in concert (she was pretty good, but the more exciting thing was discovering her opening band, Mystery Jets), went to the sort of pathetic Tycho Brahe Planetarium, and went to a football (soccer) match. We bought books and hard liquor, both of which are significantly cheaper in Denmark than in Sweden. One of the books we bought was The Sound of Language by Amulya Malladi, a novel about a refugee’s experience in Denmark. It’s a nice book, if a bit predictable. I recommend it for some meaningful light reading, if you know what I mean.

It was interesting to visit Denmark again after spending time in Sweden and learning some Swedish. Written Danish is comprehensible if you know Swedish, while spoken Danish is comprehensible for the first few syllables of an utterance, then becomes a lot of nasal mumbling, moaning and unexpected glottal stops. For all that the Swedish language gets made fun of, Danish is much funnier. :-)

The weather was spring-like in Copenhagen, if not terribly warm, so it was a bit of a shock to wake up from a train nap about an hour away from Falun, look out the window, and see that we were in the middle of a snowstorm. Sigh.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Kostia and The Little Mermaid

Me and the Opera House

Copenhagen From Above

Kostia and The Football

Me and Maureen