So, our friend Eugene made it here and there has been plenty of drinking, plus some sightseeing. On Saturday we joined a trip organized for the international students by the student union. It followed a route similar to the one Aunt Kelly, my sister Emily, and I drove last May, but in addition to Rättvik, the Dala Horse factory, Mora and the gates of Tomteland, we actually went inside Tomteland. And we went to Orsa Bear Park, which was probably the best part of all. We saw bears, wolves, lynxes, a wolverine and a tiger.

Here are a few pictures.


Bear cubs

Tiger yawning

Yes, there is still snow in northern Dalarna County. But fortunately it seems to be gone from Falun. Today I bought an engångsgrill (one time grill) and we had a little barbeque on our patio.