Well, I know it hasn’t been terribly exciting around this blog recently. That’s what happens when life goes smoothly, I guess. Work is going well, classes are going well, I’ve been gardening and we’ve hosted some dinner parties.

Spring is in full swing. Lenka and Dima gave Kostia a cute little grill for his birthday,

I think mostly because they didn’t want to listen to me argue with myself about whether I should buy one, so it was really more a present for me. Kostia tends to sit inside reading while I’m out grilling, and yesterday he said that he didn’t want to eat hot dogs again for a month. Perhaps he’ll take an interest in the grilling if we make shashlik.

Thinking about making a quick trip to St. Petersburg at the end of the month, since Kostia’s parents miss him, my current visa expires on the 30th, and if the Swedish migration service takes as much time to renew Kostia’s work permit in June as they did issuing it in January, he’ll have to spend summer vacation in Sweden waiting for it. I hope that won’t be the case, as we have Napoleonic summer plans (as they say in Russian – do we say that in English??) but prepare for the worst, eh?

And that’s about it, really. Will try to think of a juicier post in the next few days.