Right, so our internet was down yesterday and I couldn’t inform everyone of my Very Important Opinions on the Eurovision results. For those who don’t know, Russia won. I really don’t like anything about Dima Bilan, but I am glad that Greece didn’t win. Greece won four years ago with an incredibly stupid pop song and they didn’t deserve to do so twice.

I had been planning to vote for France. Sebastien Tellier’s performance was delightfully irreverent, but his backup singers were terrible, and unsurprisingly this whole situation did not impress the audience. I wanted to vote for something good that had a chance of winning, so I voted three times for Turkey, and twice for France on principle, and then I ran out of money on my phone. Good thing I only had 35 crowns (about $6) on there or things could have got out of hand. Yes, you are allowed to cast as many votes as you can afford to in the 15 minutes allotted for voting.

So next year’s contest will be in Russia. Usually the contest takes place in the host country’s capital, but Kostia told me this morning that there’s a rumor that it could be held in St. Petersburg, which would make it much more likely that we would attend some part of the festivities.