This clip reminded me how much I like Russian nerds (as a distinct subset of humanity, not just the one I live with and his friends) and their sense of humor:

The song is from the Soviet sci-fi film “Kin-Dza-Dza”, which a Russian nerd first made me watch 5 years ago.

If you grow up in certain parts the US you can get the impression that all Russians are nerds, since many Russians who come to the US are academic immigrants. Once you’ve been to Russia, you realize that Russia has the same ratio of ochkariki/botaniki* to sports fans/pop music fans/rednecks/whatever else as the rest of the world, which is to say, too small. Luckily the brain drain hasn’t drained all the brains out of Russia, and they’re still there, grinding out pirated software and acerbic commentary on their LiveJournals.


* “Ochkarik” and “botanik” are the Russian words for nerd/geek. An “ochkarik” is someone who wears “ochki”, glasses. You can figure out “botanik” for yourself.