I’ve changed my summer plans several times now, but here’s how it looks at the moment:

Next Sunday-Thursday: Kostia and I are going to Budapest! Whoo! One great thing about living in Europe rather than the US is that when you find a last-minute package deal, it’s to a place like Budapest and not Cleveland.

June 25-July 26: The homeland. I decided while I had the time and the money, I should spend some time with my grandpa, who’s turning 89 this summer! That’s in Upstate New York. Also hope to go to Boston and DC. Just me, Kostia’s staying put until his Swedish residence permit gets renewed.

Early August: Someplace else? Would like to go to the Way Out West music festival in Gothenburg. Would like to go to Russia. Would like to rent a car and drive north and catch a bit more midnight sun since I’m wasting half my white nights in the US, which has only dark nights. Also, job hunting. Am doing a bit of that now, will start doing it in earnest when I get back from the US.

August 25: Starting third master’s degree program. Linguistics this time. Yes, I like studying. Also this degree may prove more useful than my other ones as I actually like teaching English and want to keep doing it.

Actually, most of these events are certain (barring catastrophes) except for the early August bit.