Had a great time in Boston with Aunt Kelly. We had an afternoon in Portsmouth, NH, with fellow blogger W. Shedd of The Accidental Russophile (and maybe someday he’ll update it again) and his wife Katja. We went to The Improv Asylum and the Edward Gorey House on Cape Cod, which was super cool. We saw Ani DiFranco in concert, which gave me flashbacks to my emotionally tumultuous late teens and early 20s. Kimya Dawson, whose music was featured in “Juno”, opened for her. We ate lots of good food and went to the Apple Store and played with iPhones.

Now I’m in DC. My old housemate Barbara invited me to stay with her and so here I am, back in the house I lived in from 2002 to 2004, one of the best living situations I ever had. Barbara still has the two cats we acquired while I was living here, Bodhi and Leo, who are the coolest cats in the world. The neighborhood has changed a lot. Gentrification was just getting started when I lived here. Now there’s a Target, a Starbucks, and a Ruby Tuesday’s, among other things. I feel a mixture of appreciation and disgust. I’m staying in my old room, which gives me flashbacks to my emotionally tumultuous mid-20s. But really, it’s a great room and a great house and a great neighborhood and it’s great to be back for a few days.