Last week the weather was warm and beautiful, and Kostia and I went swimming almost every day. I like swimming but I hate chlorine, don’t like salt water very much, am a wimp about cold water and obviously don’t like dirty water, so my opportunities for swimming are pretty limited. But for five lovely days last week, Lake Varpan was perfect for swimming. (We also went to Lake Runn, but it was dirtier.)

I foolishly thought the nice weather might continue a bit longer, and had this idea of going camping. Happily, it wasn’t hard to persuade Dima, who has a car, a tent, and all the nifty camping gear. We drove 4.5 hours to the border of Dalarna County and Norway, hiked a few kilometers, hunkered down in a cloud above the tree line about 100 meters from the actual border for about 15 hours, and came back home. Whee!

Back in Falun it is chilly and rainy now and we actually have the heat on in an attempt to dry out our shoes.