I seem to have run up against a limitation of WordPress: the inability to use iframes. I didn’t even know what this meant until I tried to embed a map of my latest run from MapMyRun and it wouldn’t work. I thought it would be fun and motivating to post my maps. I can post links to the maps but who wants to click on links to look at other people’s runs? That’s boring.

About the running: I’ve gone through phases of utter laziness and super sportiness in my life, and in mid-June I decided to sign up for a 10K to motivate me out of a phase of utter laziness. The training is going pretty well. I ran 8K today and it didn’t even feel difficult. The 10K, Tjejmilen, is in Stockholm at the end of the month. “Tjej” is Swedish for, well, not “girl” or “woman” exactly — I suppose I would translate it as “gal” but that sounds stupid. It’s like “devushka” in Russian except I think a female can be a “tjej” at any age, while “devushka” is kind of limited to females aged 15-30. “Mil” is the same root as “mile”, but it’s not a mile, it’s 10K. “En” at the end of the word is the definite article. So “Tjejmilen” is “TheGal10K”.