Some days one just doesn’t want to go running. Today was one of those days. But I’ve had too many “rest days” lately, and I’ve got something to do early tomorrow and I knew I wouldn’t be running then, so I had to run today. I told myself, just 5K, just a gentle jog. It felt like crap the whole time, but when I got home and mapped my run, I had run 6K and the exercises I’ve been doing to improve my pace must be working because this jog was about 40 seconds faster per kilometer than a really hard run a few weeks ago. So, not bad.

I ran 10K last Saturday and it felt great except for my left knee. I am always paranoid that I am grinding my knee cartilage into dust, so any knee pain freaks me out. But with the magic of the internet I determined that I probably had “runners’ knee”, where your kneecap slides around too much because your quadriceps are weak, and the solution is to do quad strengthening exercises and rest. It seems to be working. No knee pain today.

10 days til Tjejmilen.