At the risk of becoming one of those people who blog about their pet all the time, I just have to say that MonaSahlin is just the sweetest, nicest cat ever. She learned where her litter box was immediately, doesn’t shed too much and likes to be brushed, doesn’t do annoying cat things like knock stuff over or wake you up at 5am for food, is learning to warm our feet at night instead of trying to warm our faces, and only nibbles the plants and scratches the sofa a *little* bit. We got one of those catnip-scented cardboard scratching boxes for her – hopefully we can teach her to use that instead of the sofa. She likes dry cat food and seems to like gelatin – I gave her some wet food yesterday to see if she liked it, and she licked out all the gross goo and left most of the meat. Maybe I should make some Jell-O for her.