I got up at 3am and watched the debate in its entirety. Unfortunately. There’s not much to say about it, it was completely uninspired and I don’t think there was a clear winner. Here’s what I wrote in the comments of Don’s blog post about the debate:

I can’t wait to see what Saturday Night Live does with Brokaw’s moderation. It was really dumb of him to keep lecturing them for going over time. It’s a presidential debate, of course they’re talking overtime!

Of course I agree that Obama gave mostly better answers, but I felt he could have presented/carried himself a lot better. He seemed to start every answer to the audience members’ questions with “Look…” as if he were lecturing them.

I think that space they were debating in was just terrible. Whose idea were the flag colors? My poor eyes at 3am couldn’t look at that red rug for more than a few seconds at a time. I felt claustrophobic just watching them in there. I think that’s why all their attempts at jokes fell completely flat.