I spent Election Night celebrating with three other incredible American women who live here in Falun. We had a sleepover party and it was lots of fun. Part of me wishes I could have been part of a big crowd in the US at the moment Obama’s victory was announced, though, so below is a collage of You Tube videos so I can feel the excitement vicariously:

Times Square:

East Village, Manhattan (love the girls squealing “Oh my god!” and “Holy fucking shit!”)

Grant Park, Chicago (view from the crowd rather than the network feed)

Richmond, VA

DC, the city I pretty much consider my home in the US as I lived the largest chunk of my adult life there (and which voted 92% for Obama). I lived there through two election cycles which resulted in Bush’s election and re-election and I really wish I could have been there this time.

There was a march down 16th Street in DC to the White House

Four networks simultaneously

And here’s a picture from Falun, Sweden: