We got a TV a couple months ago. At first we watched a bit of the four channels that we get. Then we went back to our old habits and only used the TV as a computer screen and to watch movies. Then the TV cable that we had got yanked out of the wall too many times because the cord was too short and the TV is on a movable cart, and didn’t work any more. Then the TV taxman visited us (again) a few weeks ago and we admitted we had a TV, so a bill for 2000 kronor (about $250) is on its way. So, I bought a new cable and we’re gonna watch the damn thing. Recently we’ve watched: news programs in sign language, Sami, and Finnish (with Swedish subtitles), four hours of the Nobel Prize banquet, a Richard Dawkins’ “The Genius of Charles Darwin”, and the Santa Lucia broadcast which we got ourselves out of bed at 7:00 this (Saturday) morning to watch.

Radiotjänst, the Swedish public television and radio service, is well aware that people aren’t fond of paying their TV fees, so they have a series of ads, exhibiting characteristic Swedish dry humor, thanking people for paying. There are several in which they visit people at work or at home and break out into song. Kostia and I like them a lot.