The sun was out today, for about the second time in a month. Here it is around noon:


It’s been a rough week. I spent three days in bed with a nasty cold and three days after that I still have a head full of snot. Kostia’s also feeling ill, which is unusual with his iron Russian immune system. I had been mentally preparing myself to get sick on our trip to Russia, and got sick here in Sweden instead.

We leave for Russia on Tuesday. We’re taking a bus, a ferry, and a train and it will be about 40 hours door to door. We could have taken a two-hour train ride and a two-hour flight, but we decided to go the cheaper environmentally-friendly route. Anyway, I like the train and the ferry. We’ll take full advantage of all the amenities, like the wine bar and the sauna on the ferry, and make the travel part of the vacation.