I miss blogging, but still don’t have anything to say really. April in Falun has been beautifully sunny and chilly. Even though Obama’s been taking a lot of heat, I think he’s doing a pretty good job considering the enormous pile of shit he inherited. I had to define “existentialism” in Swedish this morning.

I’m thinking the next incarnation of my online life will be to actually start using this Twitter thing that all the kids are into these days. I started an account a year ago, but never did anything with it. Maybe it is, in fact, just the right thing for me. I often dream up mildly amusing one-liners while I’m on the bus or something and then forget them before I can change my Facebook status or artificially inflate them into a blog post.

This week I’m way too busy to get the Twitter all hooked up to the phone and the blog and the Facebook, but check back in a couple weeks’ time to see if I’ve gotten my act together.