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It’s cheating, since I’m in Falun and not St. Petersburg right now, but I needed a non-wintry header and I’ve always wanted to use this picture, which was taken exactly two years ago. I love trams, even rickety St. Petersburg ones. And maybe this is a good time for some St. Petersburg nostalgia, since this is the time of year when St. Petersburg starts to feel very lovely and romantic after the long, cold, dark, dirty winter.

I’ll attach the full picture below, so that when this post is just an archive and I’ve changed the header yet again, future readers will know what I’m talking about.


So, I haven’t been working very much for, basically, the last month. First my students had fewer lessons because of the pre-holiday hustle and bustle, then it was the holidays, then it was the nearly-two-week Russian national hangover, and by then I had pretty much officially quit work because we had planned to leave for Sweden on January 16.

Have I been using my spare time wisely? No, not really, although I realize that I really do feel much better when I sleep as much as I want to, which is like 10 hours a day.

But sometimes I am seized with the desire to do projects. Last night’s project was to create a schematic map of the most recent proposed extensions to the St. Petersburg metro.

Here’s what the current metro looks like, superimposed on a map of the city:

click to enlarge

Here’s the schematic map, familiar to all metro riders:


Here’s the map of the most recently proposed additions, to scale, superimposed on a map of the city – a truly massive plan, with forty new stations. I can’t get WordPress to make a thumbnail of this one for some reason, so you’ll just have to click on the link.

And here is the schematic map I stayed up til 3 a.m. last night drawing:


I had an awful lot of fun making it. Perhaps I’ve chosen the wrong career path. Or, seeing as I haven’t really chosen a career path, maybe I should have chosen one that involved drawing maps.

Read about Harry Beck, the first person to draw such a map, who drew the London Underground.

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